Facilities Concierge ServiceFacility Managers have a lot on their plates – especially in the busy New Jersey and NYC Metro areas. We get that and make it our mission to make your job easier. This philosophy was born out of our company policy of providing customer service that goes above and beyond expectations.

What is a Facilities Concierge Service?

Whatever the challenge, we’ll help you resolve it with a creative solution. We are the ‘go-to’ company for your facility needs. If you don’t have the needed resource, we’ll either handle it for you or provide a referral to someone who can.

When it comes to unusual requests, our clients have said, “Let’s call Arturo, he can handle something like this”.

Here are some examples of Facilities Concierge Services we’ve provided to clients:

Handyman Services – We hang pictures, fix sheet rock, paint, change light ballasts and bulbs.

Plumbing – If the plumber can’t get there fast enough, give us a call. We can do simple repairs like changing a Sloan Valve on a urinal or changing out a broken toilet seat.

Lighting – Lighting estimation for LED replacement. For one client we did an estimate for 4000 tubes for one site.  We can handle the installation too.

Junk removal of unused furniture, displays, etc that take up storage space.

Purchase supplies –  One client has us purchase supplies for projects as needed instead of going to the larger vendors.  The larger vendors will normally take 3 trips just to give an estimate.  For example, we’ve purchased a TV, stand and smart boards, and did the installation the same day.

Another time, we purchased some drainage ducts for outside to make sure water doesn’t drip over the entrance door onto people.

We once purchased 24″ TV’s and ran cable to install the TV’s at the coffee stations so employees can see the monthly food menus in the main cafeteria.

A glass building had an entry way that was getting too hot in the summer time so we installed colored PVC pieces to deflect the sun.

During some board meetings with a large company, we would make runs to the store to pickup whatever they needed. One time it was some special pods for a Nespresso machine, another time it was a specific unsweetened ice tea, certain note pads of a certain brand etc.

The chairman of large company was coming into the country to visit his Rockefeller Plaza offices.  We came in the day before and hung about 8 picture frames, making sure they were perfectly aligned as we were told he would notice frames that are uneven.

One client has an annual cupcake delivery to about 40 sites in the NYC metro area.   It is for their anniversary and they pretty much need them there all same-day, so we pick them up at a bakery in midtown Manhattan and distribute to all the sites.

As you can see, no request is too large, too small, or too unusual. We’re the partner with the creative solutions you’ve been looking for! Give us a call today at 877-860-0004!