5 Facts You Need to Know About Janitorial Pricing


Finding the best deal on janitorial pricing is a critical part of any facility manager's job. You need to find a company that will offer you the services you need at a price that won't bust your budget. If you don't? You could be faced with sub par service for which you're paying far too [...]

4 Tips to Ensure Your Business Enjoys an Easy Office Move


Your business is growing, and it's time to move to a brand new space— but is it possible to have an easy office move? Moving isn't fun under the best of circumstances, whether you're building a new structure or leasing a preexisting space, but we've got some helpful tips for a more pleasant office move. [...]

5 Steps to Incorporate Office Recycling


In the modern workplace, an office recycling program is viewed more as a necessity than a frill. More and more people are concerned about maintaining an environmentally friendly environment, and recycling is a simple step toward a greener workspace. How do you bring this very important practice into your building? Here are the five steps [...]

3 Steps to Conducting a Janitorial Cleaning Audit


A janitorial cleaning audit isn't just a tool to confirm that customers are being served well, but also a method of ensuring that the business's processes are firing on all cylinders. Conducting routine janitorial cleaning audits is, ideally, an impartial and objective method of assessing whether the team is meeting or (hopefully) exceeding expectations; however, [...]

Top Nine Qualities of a Great Commercial Cleaning Company


Choosing a great commercial cleaning company to maintain your building is a challenge. How do you know a company will perform well? What sets a commercial cleaning company apart from its competitors? If you take the time to ask the right questions, you can determine whether the company you hire is merely mediocre rather than [...]

The Importance of Maintaining Clean Restrooms in Office Buildings


Clean restrooms in office buildings make a big impact on both visitors' and employees' impression of the facility's management. In fact, 71% say that a dirty restroom makes them believe that the management is uninterested in properly maintaining the building. As restrooms are among the top three complaints reported in large office buildings, creating a [...]

Now is the Time to Clean Up Your Business For Summer


You've probably got a plan in place to get your business prepped for the winter, do you have a plan to clean up your business for summer? Yes, summer's sunny rays and high temps require just as much readiness as winter's howling winds and snow, but the process is a little different. Put away the sidewalk [...]

3 Reasons Why You Should Let Professionals Handle Your Window Cleaning


Why should you concern yourself with window cleaning? There's nothing more beautiful than the summer sun streaming through your office windows, right?  Well, it might be beautiful in theory, but in reality, the sunshine only highlights the grime, grit, and smudges that mar the glass. The windows are filthy, which will not only detract from [...]

Pest Control: Is Your Building at Risk?


Pest control is a big issue for many property managers. Nobody wants to think about an insect, rodent, or bird infestation in their building, but where people gather (and eat), it might start to feel inevitable. Fortunately, it's not. Taking a more proactive approach to pest control can stop an infestation before it starts. Read [...]

Could Your Facility Benefit from Day Porter Services?


You've got a crew that cleans your facility overnight, so why should you hire a day porter? After all, you can handle any issues that might pop up over the course of the day. Well, how's that working for you? Day porter services might be just what you've been looking for! Say you come into [...]