3 Reasons Why You Should Let Professionals Handle Your Window Cleaning


Why should you concern yourself with window cleaning? There's nothing more beautiful than the summer sun streaming through your office windows, right?  Well, it might be beautiful in theory, but in reality, the sunshine only highlights the grime, grit, and smudges that mar the glass. The windows are filthy, which will not only detract from [...]

Pest Control: Is Your Building at Risk?


Pest control is a big issue for many property managers. Nobody wants to think about an insect, rodent, or bird infestation in their building, but where people gather (and eat), it might start to feel inevitable. Fortunately, it's not. Taking a more proactive approach to pest control can stop an infestation before it starts. Read [...]

Could Your Facility Benefit from Day Porter Services?


You've got a crew that cleans your facility overnight, so why should you hire a day porter? After all, you can handle any issues that might pop up over the course of the day. Well, how's that working for you? Day porter services might be just what you've been looking for! Say you come into [...]

Why Your Building Needs a Carpet Maintenance Program


If you don't have a carpet maintenance program as a part of your cleaning regimen, you could be looking at a major (and unexpected) expense down the road. As you know, your flooring is one of the biggest assets in your building. It has a predetermined life expectancy - IF it's taken care of properly. [...]

Creating a Healthier Work Environment in Your Office Building


As a property manager, it's your responsibility to provide your tenants with a clean work environment, but have you considered offering them a healthier work environment? Yes, cleanliness is important, but there's more to maintaining a healthful workplace than merely cleaning it. Here are some of the things you should consider if you've decided to [...]

Is Your Current Janitorial Service Meeting Your Expectations?


You know that obtaining a janitorial service to maintain your facilities is a necessary part of doing business, for a number of reasons. A clean building presents a professional image to anyone who walks through the door, not to mention the role that building maintenance plays in keeping your employees healthy through cold and flu [...]

American Maintenance & Supplies Receives SBA 8a Certification


American Maintenance & Supplies recently received the Small Business Administration's 8a Certification, reports Arturo Garcia III, Owner. "This is a big opportunity for us, to be considered for large government and large company contracts," said Garcia. What is SBA 8a Certification? According to the SBA: The 8(a) Business Development Program is a business assistance program for [...]

Arturo Garcia – Winner of ISSA YES Rising Star Award


Arturo Garcia III, Owner of American Maintenance & Supplies in New Jersey, is one of the ISSA's Rising Stars! The Young Executive Society's YES Rising Star Award recognizes emerging leaders who are helping to change the way the world views cleaning by making positive and innovative contributions to their organizations and the overall cleaning industry. Arturo [...]