Why should you concern yourself with window cleaning? There’s nothing more beautiful than the summer sun streaming through your office windows, right?  Well, it might be beautiful in theory, but in reality, the sunshine only highlights the grime, grit, and smudges that mar the glass. The windows are filthy, which will not only detract from the appearance of your workplace but also negatively impact the morale of the workers within.

But who’s got time to wash windows? Not to mention the proper tools to do the job right? While you might not have the free hours or the equipment, a good janitorial service will have the time and the tools to do your summer window cleaning the way it should be done. Keep reading for more reasons why you should let the professionals handle your window cleaning.

Safety Counts

Undertaking the arduous task of cleaning windows, particularly in a commercial building, without proper training is a recipe for disaster. Avoid an accident—or worse, a lawsuit—by hiring a professional to climb the ladder carrying heavy equipment is just good sense.

Professional janitorial services that offer window washing services emphasize training their team in order to eliminate the possibility of a potentially life-threatening accident. 

Superior Window Cleaning

When window cleaning is undertaken by a trained pro with the appropriate tools and training, your windows will be shining in no time at all. However, if you set a member of your staff on the job, not only will it take longer, but it won’t be as effective. A bottle of store-brand window cleaner and a roll of paper towels can’t replace professional tools and training.

If your windows are tinted, an untrained person could destroy the finish by using overly-harsh chemical solutions or improper techniques. A trained janitorial service employee will have the right cleaning fluids as well as the know-how required to ensure that your tinted windows will stay tinted.

Dirty or poorly cleaned windows will give anyone who walks by them the feeling that the building is unkempt and unprofessional. However, freshly clean windows will improve the appearance of your building, leaving visitors and tenants alike with a positive impression of the business.

Timesaving Measures

You have high expectations for your team, and you’ve clearly defined their job duties. When you take them from their jobs to undertake a big task like window cleaning, you’ll not only detract from their ability to complete the work assigned to them, but you’ll also find that the windows aren’t cleaned as quickly and efficiently as they could be.

Hire a professional janitorial service, and you’ll be enjoying your clean and shiny windows before you know it— no muss, no fuss.

If you want to enjoy the summer sunshine through freshly cleaned windows, contact American Maintenance and Supplies today. Our trained professional window washers will ensure that your windows are clear of dirt and debris without damage to the glass or your employees. Contact us today!