Having clean, sparkling windows at your place of business shows visitors and customers that you care about cleanliness. Dirt-streaked, smeary windows can reflect on the whole building’s appearance, both from the outside and especially from the inside of the facility.

American Maintenance & Supplies will dispatch our professional window cleaning crews to your facility ready to make your windows sparkle. We can handle any job, big or small; clean a few windows in your building, or hundreds; on one floor or a high-rise. We can formulate a window cleaning plan to address your specific needs, whether you need your windows cleaned twice a week or twice a year. Your satisfaction is guaranteed.

All of our window washing professionals are trained in the use of the equipment needed for the job and the procedures used to complete it. They will make sure your windows are cleaned properly and in a timely manner, so as to minimize the disruption of normal day-to-day business. Our cleaning crew will ensure they clean up afterward, so the only thing left behind are clean, sparkling windows.

Why Professional Window Washers?

Most of us don’t think about it often, but regular window cleaning is advisable for several reasons. Of course, the number one reason that comes to mind is the ability to enjoy the scenery and get a clean, clear view of the outdoors from inside.

Over time your windows accumulate dirt, pollen, dust, oil, spider webs, bird droppings, and other debris that can give your building a dirty appearance and block out natural light. A professional window cleaning company like American Maintenance & Supplies uses the best cleaning products and methods in the industry to completely remove the dirt and debris from your windows and improve the appearance of your building inside and out.

If your windows are not cleaned regularly by professionals, the dirt and grime builds up and can cause the window panes to get scratched more easily. Even after cleaning, windows can still have streaks, if not cleaned properly. Professional window washers have the proper equipment, products and materials to do the job right.

Dust and pollens are often in the air, settling on windows. Add rain, snow or wind, and the streaks, smears and grime continue to accumulate. Consistent and regular window washing by professionals will ensure that your windows remain clean and last longer. Professional window washing is actually an investment to prevent damage to windows due to dust and debris. You may save money in the long run.

Get Professional Window Washing Services with American Maintenance & Supplies

American Maintenance & Supplies Inc. offers professional window washing services for your commercial facility in the NYC area. We can customize a plan to keep your building’s windows sparkling clean, based on your requirements and budget.

American Maintenance & Supplies has been in business for over 50 years, providing high quality cleaning and janitorial services for offices located in the New York area. Contact us today for a FREE estimate. We are happy to answer all your questions and concerns.