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Office Floor CleaningOffice Floor Cleaning and Maintenance

Keeping your office building’s floor surface clean and free from dirt and buildup will not only keep the office looking cleaner, it will help to extend the life of the floors and coverings on them. American Maintenance & Supplies offers a maintenance program for your office flooring that will ensure your floors always look clean and last longer.

Our maintenance program includes daily vacuuming of carpets and sweeping/mopping the floors. It also features periodically performing deeper cleaning, for example:

  • Floors
    • Stripping and waxing
    • Scrubbing and refinishing
    • Buffing/burnishing
  • Carpets
    • Carpet estraction
    • Interim cleaning of traffic lanes

Types of Floor Surfaces We Clean

There are many types of flooring and floor coverings and we know the best procedures to clean and maintain them. Some of the floor types we service include:

1. Resilient floors include vinyl composition tile and sheet vinyl. This type of flooring consists of a porous material that is resistant to strong alkaline and solvents if cleaned up immediately. Cleaning services we offer for this flooring type are:

  • Sealing and finishing
  • Restorative (stripping) and salvage cleaning
  • Preventative procedures
  • Daily, routine and periodic floor maintenance programs

2. Stone floors include Marble, Granite, Travertine, Slate and Terrazzo. These types of stone floors need to be maintained regularly to preserve their appearance and prevent the grout from looking dirty.  Each type of stone floor has its own cleaning and periodic maintenance requirements:

  • Marble flooring can scratch easily and some acidic solutions may mar and damage them. It must be cleaned regularly and restored/refinished periodically.
  • Granite is very hard, tough and durable, but stains easily if not sealed properly with a penetrating sealer.
  • Travertine is composed of sedimentary stone with many holes, which are filled with a synthetic resin or cement based product. This stone requires a water-based coating specifically for natural stone.
  • Slate comes in variations of black gray and green colors and include finishes like sand, rubbed and honed. Slate floors should be finished and sealants applied to keep its natural beauty preserved.
  • Terrazzo  is made of 30% Portland cement mixed with about 70% marble or granite chips. Terrazzo floors can be sealed with an impregnator sealer or finished with a topical product.

3. Wood flooring comes in a variety of types, such as solid wood strips, parquet, engineered and laminated wood. All require daily and periodic maintenance. Some are more durable and require less work to keep them looking great. For example, laminated wood is easy to clean, stain-resistant and long-lasting, if maintained regularly.

4. Concrete floor surfaces are some of the least expensive and require less upkeep than most other floor types. Concrete can be stained, stamped, stenciled, dyed, painted and polished. They should be cleaned daily, with a regular maintenance schedule. They can actually be power-washed and refinished.

5. Ceramic tile can be installed indoors or outdoors. They can be low-maintenance options as long as they are maintained daily, with periodic deeper cleaning (grout) and sealing.

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No matter what type of flooring is in your office building, American Maintenance & Supplies can clean and maintain them. Our cleaning technicians have the expertise and knowledge of all types of flooring needs.

Our ongoing flooring maintenance program will ensure that your floors look clean and last longer, saving you money in the long run.

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